We’re seeking to end the soul-crushing job hunt and change the job-search paradigm from one of chance to one of control.


The End the Job Hunt Project is composed of a book, group workshops and personalized coaching.  Yes, End the Job Hunt will help you find a job. But with its framework you stand to gain much, much more: a solid foundation for negotiating, and a satisfying working life.



Who is End the Job Hunt for? 

Recent graduates
Entrepreneurs and freelancers
Career coaches and counselors
Experienced professionals hoping to make a career transition
Pioneers trying to break into fields without clearly established entry paths
Anyone who feels lost or stuck in th eir work or in a job searchHello, World!

How Does it Work?

The framework is built on three types of negotiations that you will apply repeatedly:

1. Negotiating with yourself
2. Negotiating with connectors
3. Negotiating with gatekeepers

You will utilize the three negotiations differently as you move through four distinct phases of career advancement:

Phase 1 —Finding focus
Phase 2 —Gaining access
Phase 3 —Doing the work you love
Phase 4 —Building fulfillment


We will give you a practical process for turning your career development into an ongoing journey of self-discovery, opportunity creation, fulfillment, and relationship building.

Who are the masters behind End the Job Hunt?

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